School Counseling
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Guidance Program

Crockett County Middle School Guidance Curriculum

·                        Academic skills support

·                        Organizational, study and test-taking skills

·                        Education in understanding self and others

·                        Coping strategies

·                        Peer relationships and effective social skills

·                        Communication, problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution

·                        Career awareness, exploration and planning

·                        Multicultural/diversity awareness

·                        Organization of Standardized Tests

·                        Scheduling/Record Keeping


Individual Student Planning

·                        Goal-setting/decision- making

·                        Academic planning

·                        Career planning

·                        Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses

·                        Transition planning


 Responsive Services

·                        Individual and small group counseling

·                        Individual/family/school crisis intervention

·                        Peer facilitation

·                        Consultation/collaboration

·                        Referrals


 System Support

·                        Professional development

·                        Consultation & Collaboration

·                        Program management and operation

 Counselors Collaborate With:

Parent information night
Academic planning
One-on-one parent conferencing
Assessment results interpretation
Resource referrals
College/career exploration

Assistance with students’ academic plans
Classroom guidance activities on study skills, career development, etc.
Academic support, learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically
At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success
Parent communication/education

School climate
Behavioral management plans
School-wide needs assessment
Student data and results
Student assistance team building

Peer support
Academic support
School climate

Job shadowing, service learning
Crisis interventions
Career education