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Computer Technology 


Welcome to Computer Technology Class.

My belief is that students should excel beyond learning the basic uses of computer programs. Students are taught word processing to become better writers, PowerPoint to become better communicators, and Internet research skills to become successful independent learners. My job is to prepare them with the tools they need to compete in a global society. A continual effort is made to attain compliance with the Technology Standards put forth by the Tennessee Department of Education.

The Computer lab is equipped with 34 Chromebase Computers. Students use Google Chrome Apps such as Typingweb, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Draw, Google Slides, My Story Editor, and Google Drive to save and share files. LanSchool Classroom Management Software is used for demonstration. Crockett County Middle School 6th grade students are given the highest quality of technology access and well-rounded education in Computer Technology. 

 Mrs. Melinda Keen




 Overview of Course

This course is designed to provide hands-on use of Computer Equipment, the Internet, Keyboarding, Word Processing, Graphic Design, Presentation and Multimedia software. Students will understand basic operations and concepts of computer technology. This course consists of hands-on instruction delivered through 6 curricular units. The course curriculum supports:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Real-world document formatting
  • Creative projects that address state standards
  • Research, communication, and productivity strategies
  • Problem-solving and working in teams
  • Importance of social, ethical, and human issues associated with technology

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Touch System of Keying
  • Unit 3: Software Applications: Creating and Modifying Documents
  • Unit 4: Graphic Design
  • Unit 5: Creating Multimedia Presentations
  • Unit 6. Information Technology: Electronic Search Strategies

Course Outcomes

The goal is to learn how to use technology productivity tools to create professional documents such as letters, reports, tables, newsletters, and many other types of documents. They will integrate graphic design, multimedia, and internet research skills. The students will learn:

  • Basic computer operations and concepts of technology
  • The Touch Key system
  • Practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software
  • Technology’s impact on society
  • Productivity tools
  • Online safety
  • Computer Technology careers
  • Ethical and privacy issues and the impact of technology on society
  • Effective leadership skills
  • To create, store and organize files
  • To format real-world documents
  • To import graphics with appropriate placement
  • To create a multimedia project
  • To use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information
  • To apply electronic search strategies
  • To create tables and charts that visually represents data