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7th Grade Supply List

7th grade Supply List 2017-2018

Turn in all supplies to the homeroom teacher on the first day of school. Please put your name on binders, notebooks, folders, dividers, calculator & ear buds.


English/Language Arts                                          For all classrooms daily

2- 3-prong vinyl folders                                             paper

Composition notebook                                              pencils

2” 3-ring binder


Math                                                                         Homeroom – supplies for classroom

2 spiral notebooks (Scallion)                                    1 pack of 24 pencils (USA Gold are the best)

2” 3-ring binder (Wells/Kelly)                                    1 pack college ruled loose-leaf paper 

Dividers (Wells/Kelly)                                                1 pack glue sticks – 2 or more

Calculator TI-30xa (all)                                            1 pack cap erasers

     Please purchase this calculator only              3 boxes tissues

     No substitutes                                                  1 container Clorox/Lysol wipes


Science                                                                        Wish List

1 ½ “  3-ring binder                                                    The Big Fat Notebook (ISBN: 978-0761160953)

Dividers                                                                      Pkg of cardstock

Color pencils                                                               Pkg construction paper

2 packs 3x5 note cards                                              Expo markers-black or blue

                                                                                   Expo board cleaner

Social Studies                                                          Ziploc Quart storage bags

2” 3-ring binder                                                          Pkg copy paper

Color pencils


Teen Living

Folder with pockets


Personal Finance

Folder with brads



Ear buds



The following immunizations are required before entering the 7th grade:

1. 2 doses of Varicella (chicken pox)

2. TDAP (tetanus with whooping cough)


These can be given at the Crockett Co Health Dept (731-696-2505) or your doctor’s office. You may also want to ask about the Hepatitis A, Meningitis, and Gardisil (HPV) immunizations which are not required, but available.


7th grade Supply List 2017-2018


Consolidated Shopping Checklist   (all materials from all classes combined;  THESE ARE NOT ADDITIONAL ITEMS!)


o   3 boxes tissues

o   1 container Clorox/Lysol wipes

o   1 pack glue sticks – 2 or more

o   1 pack 24 pencils (recommend USA Gold)

o   1 pack cap erasers

o   1 pack college ruled loose leaf paper

o   2 - 1-subject notebooks; college ruled

o   4 – 1 ½” - 2” binders

o   2 packs dividers

o   4 vinyl 3-prong folders

o   1 composition notebook

o   1 pack color pencils (prefer any brand other than Crayola)

o   2 packs 3x5 note cards

o   1 pair ear buds

o   1 scientific calculator TI-30xa


Optional Items

o   The Big Fat Science Notebook (ISBN: 978-0761160953)

o   1 pack cardstock-white or multicolor

o   1 pack construction paper

o   Expo markers – black or blue

o   Expo board cleaner

o   Ziploc Quart storage bags

o   1 pack copy paper